Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Surrounded again
Mixes my emotions
Happy - Sad

Was this place destined?
Or self-imposed?
Sometimes one
Sometimes another

Mixed faces
Mixed reactions
Mixed longings
Same apprehension

I don't know what will happen
Can't decide for good or bad
All I can do is try my best
And give it all I have

I have nothing to give
But what God has given me
Even that confuses and frustrates
Because I'm human; because I'm me

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New Year, New Me (Supposedly)

Starting a new year
But some things never change
Things torn apart - still torn apart

Maybe there will be healing
Maybe there will be forgiveness
Maybe there will be renewance
Maybe there will be friendship - again

There will be new people
There will be new problems
There will be new blessings
There will be new changes

Oh, where to start
But more: Where to finish
Where am I headed
Where am I to be

I need to change
I need to forgive
I need to bless
I need to wait

With all these things
And all these changes
What I need most
Is some God-guidance