Thursday, January 24, 2008

Comedy or Tragedy?

A pessimistic heart
Looking for joy
When surrounded by misery
Seems so futile

All I see is pain
All I've felt is hurt
Sometimes all the bad
Drowns out all the good

Bitterness lies deep
And it grows even deeper
Tears unstaunched
What keeps me here

Cling to memory
Memory of hope
In Salvation
In God alone

To fight for joy
Appears the only path
Counting myself a warrior
Beating Satan back

Although it was given
I couldn't deserve it less
Joy in life all around
Before rejected, despair embraced

Becase it's easier
To hold onto tears
Follow their path
Taste their fear

A smile, it fleets
Somehow gaseous
Without taste or smell
Only special people see

Joy and sadness
Inevitably intertwined
Ultimately I believe
Both are divine