Thursday, December 20, 2007

How Things Change and Stay the Same

Turning tables
Wandering fables
Cast upon you
Like so many wet towels

Hypocritical, it seems
How do you see it now?
You're on the other side
But it is no falsehood

I could speak in riddles
I could speak in rhyme
But this is burning me to the core
And for those I waste no time

Why did you speak against what you knew nothing about?

Now it is you
Who is your Achilles?
It appears to be yourself

I could be angry, for I have every right
In another's eyes
I wonder how another would feel

You burned me with lies
Now you burn by truth I did not even deal

So what now?

I pity you

You are entangled
And I wish I could rescue you
But I'm not sure how and...somehow...
I don't think you want to be saved from this

I have no anger for you
Only pity and love
Maybe pity is not what you want
But it cried out from my heart
When I understood your downfall

And so I will pray
Pray for you
Pray that you will see
Pray that God will lift you up
Pray that He does what He did for me