Thursday, February 8, 2007


There's this girl i know
Who's up and down
She's ADD and probably
Bi-polar to the ground

She talks of friends
Some lost, some found
Her lack of joy seems too coy
As truthful as they sound

i gave a nickname
i'm not proud about
And if she knew what I told you
She probably would shout

She's one of those people
You don't know if she's real
Is it true, what she's telling you
Or is it just a steal

People talk about her
Who knows who is her friend
With all the lies and secret eyes
Where does the truth begin

i don't want to be
Someone you tolerate
You wave and smile but all the while
You're on a different state

If that's me, please
Don't pity me at all
i know what's wrong: i don't belong
i, differently called

And this girl i know
Who is she really
Behind the tabs and shady jabs
Missing it, are we silly

We stand together
Tolerated, just bare
But if you fall away, i believe i can say
We'll probably be there

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Stab Me

Tell me what I'm doing wrong

The truth hurts
But the icing rips my heart
in pieces

Advice and words
Words and lies
Lies and masks
Masks and me

To be the protector
Is to be strong
To be the protected
Is to be stronger
To want protection
Is to be strongest
But I am weak

Clear-cut cones
Set me my boundaries
Two-toned tongue
Give me praise and cries

Set me right
Or set me wrong
Either way you set me
Set me a song

Sing of my faults
Sing of my lies
Sing of my misuses
Of which my heart justly dies

Don't tell me that it's over
Don't tell me what I want to hear
Don't tell me what you think will staunch
This blood pool I am, so dear

Tell me who I am
Tell me when I'm wrong
Tell me what you know is right
Sing me my true song