Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Heart

Here it comes again
That pressure, confinement
Intermittent claustrophobia
When I expect or not

My heart begins to ache
Trying to contain all of myself
My eyes see what I have not
Misting with loneliness

I don't belong to me
Floating aimlessly
I wait for someone
To sail with me purposely

Someone once taught me
To miss things I'd never had
I miss them now
And each time I wake up

Looking where it's not wanted
Flying from those who do
Keep getting wrong and
No one will be left to choose

I was born to be loved
And loved I am, true
But my heart is not full
Not fully shared

I can't carry it all
It longs to burst forth
But fear and pain
Hold me back, lock the doors

Someone will break through
Forcefully, if needed
Break down my walls
Claim the heart

That's never been mine