Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Am Waiting

I am waiting
For the man I don't have to think about
The one who doesn't have to be pointed out
The one who doesn't make me fear and doubt

I am waiting
For the man I don't hide tears from
The one who doesn't find emotions fearsome
The one who doesn't have to be asked to come

I am waiting
For the man I don't hesitate to give my heart to
The one who doesn't demand but simply asks for truth
The one who doesn't forget what we've been through

I've waited a while, and will wait longer still
Whatever it takes, I will be patient until
God sends me this man, just the one for me
I wait, knowing he will be true to me

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dancing On Glass

I see what's happened before
Constantly flashing through my brain
Leaves me feeling...anxious...worried
Maybe I'm doing it again

Can't mess up, holding so tight
To what I know is to be given
But I have to be careful, have to stand back
Don't I?

Afraid to dive in, jump without looking
I look and can't see the bottom
Where does this even start?
Driving without lines, running without paths

Is this what it means
To have you search for my heart
My main concern is that
You'll be helping me find it