Saturday, July 7, 2007

can i?

it seemed so easy
i can stay
can't i?

an obligation
a sense of responsibility
was that it?
all it was?

then what is this?
this urge to run
to walk away
to let down

but i feel...
your heart is in my hands
and as i see the black poison spread
there is nothing i can do
but burn in my heart, too

caught in a standstill
a draw
unwilling to give up ground - all we do is lose

choose or choose not
i'm still here
but what does that mean
when it's all falling apart?

if i walk away
what will it do
i'll be that person that gave up
another person that gave up

or am i simply choosing to be okay?
is this the only way I can stay close to my God?
because that is more important
than anything else

it seems easy, then
i can't stay
can i?