Thursday, May 10, 2007

This Feeling

There's this feeling
I can't explain
Deep inside
Mostly hidden
Search hard - maybe you'll see it

Because I didn't
For a long time
Wanting more than I have
Searching for something vague
An idea, a memory
A future embodiment

When it's cold
When I'm talkative
When I'm comfortless
When I'm alone
It's not there

What I'm looking for
What I'm missing
What may come along

What may not

I am unprepared
Am I?
Who isn't?

But this feeling
Doesn't go away
Temporarily slaked
Only for the moment
Extending on, unseen - brief

Those moments won't do
I need a lifetime
Lifetime of moments
Side by side
Two into one

So I wait
For this feeling to abide
For my expectations to be met
Or disappointed
For this loneliness
To join another's and become one life in two hearts