Thursday, December 21, 2006

What If Life Was Perfect

What if life was perfect
And all we'd ever see
Were smiling faces, pretty faces
Surrounding you and me

We would all be happy
All of us unhurt
Free from worry, in no hurry
No reason to be curt

Stop dreaming and wishing
Wishing does nothing
And you can't pretend everything's great
Don't try to ignore
Don't even think about running away
It'll catch you
That, or something else

Everything's melting
What happened to easy?

You're afraid to rock my perfect little world -
Guess what
You're not letting me down
I never thought you were perfect
Never expected it
I'm looking for your faith in me
Trust me - I'll be here

It came in my sleep
How was I to know?

What if life was perfect
And all we'd ever see
Were smiling faces, pretty faces
Looking straight at me

But this life isn't perfect
And right now all I see
Are hurting faces, pretty faces
Begging - Stay - to me

Monday, December 18, 2006

Where I Belong

Highway lines pass me by
Along with some old friends
Time goes on pulling strong
Bring me home again

You can mock my Southern roots
Tell me I say things wrong
Redneck maybe but you can't tell me
How to play my song

Leaving was hard but harder still
Would be not coming home
Where time may crawl and defy law
But I am not alone

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Quietly laid touches
Reach down to the bone
Forgive me my desires

Lightless love erased
Entrapped nor enclosed
Found then gone

Murder me with caresses
Poison me with a touch
Would I receive that death

I would enjoy it too much

I Feel to Wish

I feel like I gotta make it right
But soon it'll be out of sight
I feel there're things to forgive
Before it will let me live

I have to remind myself you don't care
I wish I could not care, I swear
I have pains and aches that shouldn't be
I don't know what you did to me

I wish I could just get away
It kills me to be here, to stay
I wish you weren't around
Then I could escape, not to be found

Monday, December 11, 2006


To yell
To argue loudly
Where were you THINKING?!

I picture in my mind
Passionate words
Strongly resonating
Making my point

quiet words
emotional breakdown
i can't hold it together

Words strung loosely
Connect the dots
Through space, through time
Aren't you lost in my mind?

I want to be heard
I want to be noticed
I want to be mind-bending
I want to be different

My passion
Can you see?
I guess it's visualized
Not vocalized

Oh, that I was different
Oh, that I could tell
Oh, who would I be?

But I Don't

I want to talk to you
But I don't
I want to be near you
But I don't
I want you to cry for me
But I don't
I want us to be close again
But I don't
I want you to see my pain
But I don't
I want you to hurt like me
But I don't
I want to let it all out
But I don't
I want me to make sense
But I don't


(a poem from several years ago)

When did things
Get so complicated
When did we all
Leave one another behind
The roads we travel
Go different ways
When did things
Suddenly change

I look around
God grips my heart
Charging me
With a pain
A pain that burns
My heart and soul
I pray for them
And ask God what to do

Help them
But how
Love them
That's all you can do
Reach out to them
Show them you care
Like times past
And forgotten