Monday, March 17, 2008


Many smiles, many laughs
And a hundred tears cried for each
Lots of friends, lots of love
And two losses for every three gained

What is to be said
To all I'll leave behind
When I say goodbye
Who will be mourning by my side

Take the good with the bad
Don't worry, I will
But every good I see
Is overshadowed by bad possibilities

Fear has become ingrained 
You all have me trained
To see loss in what I gained
My heart is purely pained

Is it okay that I believe
Despite all your declarations
Disregarding your claims
These are the worst four years of my life

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Continuing Fear

It won't stop
This subconscious awareness
Of what it could be
Of what they could say
Of what I could be seen as

I push you away
Because the memory is fresh
Will it always be?
I say it will

I am caught in a cage
With only one window
The only view -
The never-sleeping eye 
Of humanity

Walking away
Seems so easy now
I guess I've had plenty of practice
If I don't know where it started, how will it ever end?

Turn my back again
Knowing that you care
This intimacy you desire
Is something I won't dare