Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Heart Tries to Speak

I wait for time to catch up with my heart
I wait for the time we'll never be apart
Seeing what we could be
Seeing in you what I think I need

Someone told me to guard my heart
Someone else broke it apart
You're putting it back together
You're gaining access untethered

All the time I waited
Seems so insignificant now
To all the time to come

These words are weak
To what I picture
Our life together

I hate this not expressing
My love for you
Words can't be strung together sufficiently

I want to hold you forever
You read my mind
I don't see how you could be this amazing
You make me feel wanted
I waited for so long and yet was still surprised when you showed up and I gave you my heart
I'm surprised every day by you
We know what we want, and we want each other
I thank God profusely for you
I want you

I love you