Monday, May 12, 2008

Let Me Go

Let me go
Stop this game of give and take
Giving me hope for true reconciliation
Taking that hope and dashing it to pieces

Do you know what you're doing to me?
Do you care? Do you want to?

I wish I could say you're not worth it and mean it
But I know you are
You're just hiding behind a facade of nonchalance
I know you're better than this

damn you for dragging me along
For changing your mind, pushing me away

So tired of this
When I still care but can't show it
When you get scared because I show it
When you can't take that you know it

I want to help you
You obviously don't want it
If so, I will try to stop
I will try to quit you

I pray that someone takes my place
Someone who cares even more than I
And knows who you are, who you can be
This is my place no longer, you've wanted me out this whole time

So let me go, let me live
My own life without your cares
I can't have all that I want
Because for all that I want you, you want me gone

So let me go

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No Escape

No end with new beginnings
Same face in new dreams
No words to bring you back
Same failings in this war

Stretched out hand - rejected
Faithful love - deflected
I would give you all I had
If I thought you would take it

Sides to choose, battles to lose
Fight on my side or don't fight at all
I've tried to stay steady, hopeful, and true
But each battle lost rips the old scars anew

Loose me! I demand
But what can you do
When all that I am
Is so caught up in you

I'm not letting go
It appears that I can't
Slowly and surely
Damn this decant