Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Not Wishing

Beautiful sun, clouds
In a surprising part of the country
Sunsets inspire
I dare to desire

Something in the eyes
Puts me off-balance
So long gone from the scene
Hesitant to take of the chalice

So much to wish for
I can't choose one
So I never wish
Because I can't make up my mind

I wish that we all saw beauty
In each day we call life
It would be all too much
If we understood what it meant for us to still breathe

I wish I could find my love
But that gets me to thinking it's you
And what if it's not?
I am left holding on to hope - blind

I wish for them to be happy
The ones I loved and left
The ones who left and I still want to hold
The one, my last

I wish I would be heard
But I'm not sure I want that fully
So many things not to be told
Take them away, I've nothing to hold

So please don't ask me to wish
It's obviously too much to handle
Too much to think about, to shout it out
The wind would expire the candle