Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What I Need

All I need is God
So I'm told, so I thought
Though very true
We desire something else

A human heart
With human flaws
One like me
Fallen, beautiful mess

I tried building walls
But only found
That once they were up
I truly needed them down

I tried to be an island
But discovered soon
That an island unto itself
Is very deeply doomed

Though God is what I need
And my reason I'm alive
After naming paired creatures
For companion Adam pined

So who am I to change my fate
To say that I can go alone
When Adam in perfection yet
Had God but longed for else?

Walls had to burn
The island desert
Alone, unfriended
I can not live

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Every Song

They're everywhere I go
Hitting my ears with each new note
I long to sing a song
That doesn't remind me of you

Hitting far or hitting hard
Doesn't matter with my heart
All it hears are jagged cuts
Stabbing the same old wound

And I wonder when I won't
Hear a song and think of you
Sing a line and connect it to
The walking away of you

Time will move on
Maybe some day so will I
But I know the scar will stay
Eternal reminder of every song