Saturday, May 16, 2009

Turn Me Around

Stop me right here
Turn me around
Prick my ears to hear
My heartbeat, a sound

From where does it come?
And where does it go?
If I don't find it now
I fear I'll never know

Lay before me unhindered
My thoughts and my fears
Test me down, turn me around
If all I head for is tears

Take all that I wanted
And tell me it's true
That all that I wanted
Is ever only in you

Tell me I'm not the only one
Who worries and frets and dies
Daily thinking I've got it all wrong
That I'm the only one who cries

Myself, the one I can't trust
The one who has hurt me the most
I'm tired of being the only one
To bring the pain I boast

So turn me around
To face the truth
All my faith, all my trust
Was lost in my years of youth

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